Nine shadows

The “Nine Shadows” project was born as a natural sequence in the context of my artistic and conceptual development.

There were two factors with a decisive importance in the accomplishment of this project.

One of them is represented by my previous experience, which I gained while working on my M. A. Project for the Bucharest National University of Arts. Called “Celebrity”, the project was an authentic Post-Modernistic approach reevaluating and revisiting the Pop ideas and mechanisms that changed the art world by means of four prominent personalities – Andy Warhol, Pauline Boty, Roy Lichtenstein and Tom Wesselman. This is my inspiration source for using within my present project the type of image with great impact upon the viewers and with a direct message towards the person involved in watching the work.

The second factor which determined me to develop my present approach was the artistic study I was involved in between 2010-2011. Along this period I had the opportunity of participating to the redesigning and functional remodelling of Grigore Antipa National Museum of Natural Sciences.The introspection, the ending of my inner searches and bringing them out on canvas represents a final stage in the completion of my personal itinerary exhibition.